The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Time’s Orphan (DS9 S6E24)

January 16, 2019

Molly falls down a space-well and comes out ten years older - and pretty damaged.

Must O’Brien suffer, or must we?

Are the writers taking other meetings at this point in 1998? 

Is time travel boring?  How many of these portals are there just lying around? 

Is this a typical Star Trek episode or does the family angle make it something else?  Does it being a rework of a TNG idea mean anything? 

The B plot: Written after the fact. 

What does “uninhabited” mean?   Does Molly’s feral-ness make any sense? 

What was the original pitch for what happened to her? 

Why not relocate to the planet since the holosuites are always booked up? 

“This is [Space] Us”

What are the temporal morals that Star Trek episodes expouse but also break every time? 

Should the O’Brien’s  get a dog? 

What are some more “Star Trek” ways to do this story? 

Where’s the Doctor Who prop hiding in this episode?

A sidebar on Kelvins and the Kelvin Universe. 

Does the Federation not have any drugs that could be more helpful for an anxious troubled child?

None of us are big fans of this episode, but some parts of it bother us more than others.

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