The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Unlocked: Star Wars is Not Going to End How You Think

August 1, 2018

Wait, this isn't Star Trek!   

We're venturing to another galaxy, far far away.  Rather than just explain to you in a youtube rant that The Last Jedi sucked [it doesn't] we wanted to figure out just why some people walked out of theaters angry about episode VIII. Forget about the misoginist MRA incels and 4chan trolls; what do the non-toxic TLJ haters dislike?  Is there something that people want from their Star Wars that wasn't in Rian Johnson's movie?  To get to the bottom of this question we did some research on another piece of hardcore Star Wars fans' childhood that Disney and Kathleen Kennedy killed:  The now-defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe! 
We start with the canceled Star Wars EU, and end with Gramsci and cultural Marxism? 
In between we explore TTRPGs, Heir to the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and more. 
And of course The Last Jedi.
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