The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

What You Leave Behind (DS9 S7E25)

July 31, 2019

The Last DS9! Buckle up for a long ride and prepare to say goodbye to your space friends. Does the finale hit all its marks?  Half? Enough to be effective and make you a little emotional at least?

What great shows is this finale closer to than we are now?  Flight of the Concords for instance came out closer to the DS9 finale than we are to FotCs.  The Sopranos is just starting up.  Where were we when DS9 concluded?

Are we sad to see our space friends go? 

Julian breaks up with his boyfriends.   

Does Garak have the most well executed arc of any character throught the course of the show?  What characters were best served? 

What’s the story behind Sisko promising to return eventually?  What other shows show such strong father characters? 

Is the last segment of the show a bummer? What happened there?  Did Avery Brooks send Alaimo to the hospital? 

How bout those matte paintings?  Those space fights hold up better than some other Star Treks’ space fights *cough* Discovery *cough*

What was the point of all of this war?  Did the Borg ruin Star Trek by making it about Big Villains?  Does the Dominion have as strong a core Idea behind them?  Do they have a less compelling argument than Thanos? 

What was the reason the Changelings sent the Odo and the 100 out anyways? 

Smudgin spots.   Obrien’s on a tenure track. 

Do they feel at  all like their not coming back?

That Bajor plot, is peppered in but…

Who’s hangin out at Vic’s?

Is sex grandma the only founder in the quadrant?  Weird how we don’t see the wormholl at all this entire episode.

How much more show could they have fit in if they cut down Vic’s song at the end? 

Is O’briens hurt shoulder a callback?  Why was it the highest priority to get him to sickbay? 

Which scene is just like the Rocketeer?  Remember the Rocketeer? 

Who are the fire cave scenes for?  Give us a call while you can if it’s you. 

How’s Kira in this?  Who’s she working for in this anyway?  Did we need a scene to tell us?   Where’s Willie Mays Sisko? 

Have a laugh at the futility.   Weyoun is pitiful. 

Damar gets a moment. 

We get confused about ranks and Bajor.   

Andrew Robinson always knows what to bring. 

Pour one out for the dead cardies.  80% of liking someone is having a good time.   These captains should smile more.  Garak doesn’t have much to smile about however. 

All the most monumental things happen in the conference room. Treaties signed on paper.  Of course this is from a WWII speech.   

Now that it’s over… back to Vic’s! For a song!  And a Worf bit.    Jadzia only gets one mention all episode, even if she was at the wrap party at Vic’s. 

Sisko fights a balrog.  It’s all about the bum rush.   

Also: One year from Lord of the Rings films. 

Still, it ends without ever seeing the big hole we need. 

It’s a nice closing shot for the show though.

With the episode finished, a little reflection on the show: 

Are we satisfied with the core characters’ conclusions? 

How much of Star Trek is defined by “space friends”? 

Did the show feel Julian was entitled to a woman? 

Worf’s ending is nice, but does it conflict with his position in the movies?   

Why do we think tertiary characters come off so well? 

If this is half baked, is there room for a Grace Cut?   

Everything is theoretically interesting to revisit.  Want to see an 8th season?  Is our answer different (are we different) than 3 years ago? 

You read all the way through this rambling description?  Wow, do you regularly?  You still have a chance to give us a call and let us know. Maybe 917 408 3898

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