The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

When It Rains… (DS9 S7E21)

July 3, 2019

Dot dot dot.   A lot is poured into this episode.  

Kira joins the faculty at terrorism school, Julian digs up some Section 31 dirt, and more!

Did this episode take interesting concepts and make them tedious?  We’re divided! 

Was there a better way to get Kira into a Starfleet uniform?  We gotta go back to what we said about non agression pacts. 

These shows love to get outsider characters into the uniform. 

Did the writing get backed up in the room again? 

Does this episode at least start getting the pieces in the right place? 

Is just dipping into dark pragmatism a copout if you don’t follow through on the questions?  Hugh gets heated and doesn’t realize how far ahead he’s watched. 

Rehashing Odo points we’ve had since the beginning of the podcast. 

Obrien: Wingman > Family Man 

Secondary thinking and the lack thereof. 

Gowron comes out like Morris Day.  Tying off the greater Klingon soap opera. 

Cup of Goo:  Getting stem cells from Odo.   Remember when stem cells were controversial?  Last week? 

Oh Solbor.  These Winn/Dukat scenes suffer without you. 

John Hughs movie Miles finally calls out Julian for unethical medical practices.   

The 90s had a lot of AIDS allegories.   

Connecting the dots to Julian’s section 31 spy plot. Space House. 

Remember Benjamin Sisko?   Imagine Admiral Mike Star. 

StarFleet values are so impeccable, any breach by a member is unthinkable unless a traitor.   

Assessing how some of our opinions have changed with the times we’re in. 

A new intermittent segment is introduced from the patron discord.

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