The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Who Mourns For Morn (DS9 S6E12)

October 24, 2018

Morn is dead. A Shenanigans Episode Reckoning commences! 

Wade is fresh off watching the DS9 documentary, “What We Left Behind,” and will brook no condemnation of a good Quark episode.

Star Trek: The Chex Mix of TV.

Is this episode above or below the Mendoza Line? 

How has streaming changed how we expect to be catered to with out televsion? Is there a thinner range of stories and tone that we will accept in our shows, Star Trek included? 

How do we think Rick Berman is doing?

Is there a difference between “high brow” and “light fun”?

Has anyone ever done this kind of thing in shows since?  Can we compare the show to Battlestar Galactica? Is that allowed.

Will the argument be resolved? Are there “good people on both sides”?


Half an hour in: What did this episode look like before extensive rewrites?

Just how well are the Morn in-jokes sold throughout the series?  Is this show lacking in some of the camrederie that was TNG’s strength?

How did the show do by Marc Alan Shephard?

How would James fix this more to his tastes? 

Take a side in the debate!

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